Survey: Brand awareness

We all know it. The consumer’s ability to recall a brand is central to purchasing decision-making. How familiar are the Runister app users with some of the running brands? This awareness will be later translated into interest, that will become desire and most probably will lead to the final action of the purchase. What is

What influences your choice when buying running shoes?

Almost 40% of runners, replied that they care mostly about the technical characteristics when shopping for running shoes. According to our study, conducted with the Runister app, this is the crucial parameter when doing the final decision. We asked our community: What influences your choice when buying running shoes? Luckily, we agree on taking care

5/5: The new Runister app is for free on the App Store

Today is the day. Let’s take our shoes, and let’s go for a really nice and long run together. We are glad to inform you that; the new version is available in the App Store. Big surprise: the Runister app is for free. There’s no monthly fee. Now we can say that our dream of, earning money

4/5: Withdrawal and donation of the new Runister

The sport, as a discipline, entails hard work, programming and dedication. Although, the rewards and benefits of the physical exercise are tremendous in all senses. Runister adds an extra benefit, the economic one. Treat yourself with something nice, and keep on track. So, let’s review the new withdrawal and donation policy. First progress bar – fill it

3/5: Runister doesn’t have qualification and daily limit

Qualification and daily limit – The Runister app is changing, if you are lost or you missed some of the previous chapters, here you can check the one about the RunisterBlog and the extinction of Runnies and the story of the level. It’s important to stay tuned! The Runister app is changing, and today we get

2/5: No Runnies, no Levels in the new Runister app

Thanks to the communication with our users, we are changing for better. Ultimately, you should be enjoying your healthy lifestyle by running or walking and the Runister app should reward you to stay fit. Easy. Goodbye Runnies – cash for kilometers (miles) –  We start by dismissing the Runnies. For the newbies, the Runnies were some

1/5: The new Runister is full of surprises

Today we have some really good news to talk about. After 7 months on the global App Store, we are about to release an important update of the Runister app. Thanks to 60.148 persons, today we can implement this big change. We are so grateful for the continued support by all of you. Due to the high impact of this
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